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Family Service Madison is about building strong families through hope and wellness. FSM has, for more than 100 years, offered this area mental health services and education that helps rebuild lives, repair families, restore futures, protect communities and enhance workplaces and schools.  We work with individuals, couples, families, groups, employers and their employees, and other non-profit agencies.  We are here to help and we offer a wide array of services covering cradle to grave. Please, explore the pages of our website:  You’re sure to find what you need.


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  4. Our services to employees and their employers.
  5. Our services to nonprofit agencies.

FSM announces two new evidence-based trauma treatment programs.

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“Every reading I’ve done people have asked insightful questions and have been genuinely curious about how do we take care of vets better. And I don’t have all the answers to those questions, but it is very rewarding to have those discussions and at least have that dialogue with people.” In this profile, watch how returned veteran and author Matthew Hefti finds meaningful ways to continue his service to others. In addition to the powerful work that the Veterans Coming Home project is doing across the country, Wisconsin Public Television is proud to share a series of stories exploring the experiences of veterans here in Wisconsin. #VetsComingHome #PBSServiceStories

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