July 1, 2015

Our results and testimonials

Performace quality improvement

Family Service Madison is dedicated to a continuous performance quality improvement (PQI) process. This philosophy assures all clpqi 2013ients receive effective and professional services.

Our PQI plan commits time and resources to provide quality clinical programs, quality staff resources, on-going building improvements, and financial stability. It is our belief that consistent review of all our procedures promotes improved performance.

Family Service Madison is dedicated to offering services that adhere to evidence-based and evidence-informed practices. Examination of outcome data and client satisfaction is one aspect of our PQI process.

What is being said about Family Service Madison

“STS (Steps to Success) made every effort with this child and family- Services were appropriate and well provided. Great job!” –Jenny S.  teacher

“The intensive support provided by the Steps program allowed my son to make a complete turnaround at home, at school and in the community.” –Sarah F.  parent

“He has made incredible progress since the beginning of the year. Not only is his work ethic and class participation fantastic, he has proven himself to be a terrific classmate to his peers. Tremendous job!” —principal

kids“My son has made many accomplishments during and after his treatment at the Steps to Success Program. Steps has helped him to accomplish goals that seemed out of his reach. (This) has made family life more pleasant.” —parent

“Steps to Success is not just a program that jumps into lives for a few months as a “quick fix”. It creates long-term knowledge and benefits families for years beyond a child’s graduation date.” –Mark M.  treatment provider

“Steps to Success has been fabulous with helping my son to face his temper. Steps to Success staff has helped my son to be more in control of his temper/anger.So happy to have had my son as a part of Steps to Success program.” –Michael  parent