Group of Diverse Men

The Alternatives to Aggression program is not accepting new referrals at this time.


The Alternatives to Aggression program is a certified domestic violence treatment program that lasts approximately six months and is designed to intervene on physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by men toward their intimate partners.  The group challenges and educates participants on the belief systems that serve to promote and perpetuate domestic violence in our culture.

Fee Structure (without Insurance):

Diagnostic Intake w/ Therapist:  $185.00 per hour
Individual Therapy w/ Therapist 60 minutes:  $180.00 per hour
Group Therapy (Mental Health of AODA):  $80.00 per hour

Insurance Information

FSM accepts most insurance plans for our services, and our services may be covered in full or in part, depending on your health insurance or employee benefit plan.  Please call the number on the back of your insurance card to check your coverage, or you may call our Billing Department at 608-316-1145 for their assistance in checking your benefits.

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“I want to say thanks to all that were involved with helping me be a better caring husband and father, a family man in general. Thanks again.”
-Anthony, ATA Client