Our Anti-Violence programs help to end violence in the lives of individuals and families, and in our community.  These services are primarily provided through group therapy.

If you've been referred to one of our programs, you will be asked to sign a Release of Information form that enables FSM to exchange information with the person or agency who referred you.

When a new client starts one of our Anti-Violence programs, you will first attend 2 one-on-one therapy sessions (Diagnostic Intake) with one of our therapists and then continue on to the appropriate group.

To make a referral for an Anti-Violence program, please email info@fsmad.org or call 608-252-1320.

Man holding woman's hand in his

Our Anti-Violence Programs include:

Fee Structure (without Insurance):

Diagnostic Intake w/ Therapist:  $185.00 per hour
Individual Therapy w/ Therapist 60 minutes:  $180.00 per hour
Group Therapy (Mental Health of AODA):  $80.00 per hour

Insurance Information

FSM accepts most insurance plans for our services, and our services may be covered in full or in part, depending on your health insurance or employee benefit plan.  Please call the number on the back of your insurance card to check your coverage, or you may call our Billing Department at 608-316-1145 for their assistance in checking your benefits.

“This was such a powerful program and needed. Thank You!!! Oh, and the front desk was awesome.”
-Corey, ATA Client