What Birth to 3 Services Look Like


The program works with parents and caregivers in everyday routines and activities following the individualized Family Service Plan that is created with families to provide services and support to families. These services are arranged by a Service Coordinator who meets with the families and are provided in the child’s natural learning environment.

These services include:

  • Occupational, physical, and speech and language therapies
  • Parental education
  • Service coordination
  • Vision and nutrition specialists

Natural Environment

The child’s natural learning environment includes locations where the child spends their time such as in the home, a child care center, parks, or other locations in the community.

Primary Coaching

Families also receive services following the primary coaching approach. This approach entails a primary service provider, or the primary coach, who supports families in turning daily activities into learning opportunities for their children. Primary coaches coach, model, and share information to help support families in the Birth to 3 Program.

Evidence-Based Practice

Based on federal law, Birth to Three and other early intervention programs need to base their practices on the best available research, or evidence-based practice. The coaching method and the natural learning environment are evidence-based practices.

Parent and Caregiver Role

Parents and other caregivers are important to the child’s development, and they are an integral part of the Birth to Three team. As a team, parents’ and caregivers’ input is utilized to create goals and a service plan to meet the needs and priorities of the family. Caregivers work with the service providers to integrate practices and strategies into the child’s daily routines. Families find it helpful and feel fulfilled when their concerns for their child are addressed by the team.

If you'd like to make a referral to the Bridges for Families Birth to 3 program, you can contact us by phone at (608) 316-1124 or by email at lizk@fsmad.org.  You can also click here to fill out our referral form.