We want to be transparent to our clients.  We want you to know what your rights and responsibilities are, and we want you to know what our responsibilities, as an agency, are.  You can find the full document that new clients are expected to read and sign by clicking here, but below is a summary for our clients to look over.

Client rights include:

  • To be free from having unreasonable arbitrary decisions made about you.
  • To receive prompt and adequate treatment.
  • To refuse any treatment, including medications.
  • To refuse or to give informed consent to participate in drastic treatment or in experimental research.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To have strength based treatment.
  • To refuse to be filmed or taped without your consent.
  • To have your treatment records and conversations about your treatment kept confidential. (HIPAA compliance 4/03, WI statute 51.30,HSS 92.05)
  • All treatment records will be disposed of after seven years from termination date.
  • To have access to your treatment record after discharge (or during treatment if the facility director approves it) and to have access at all times to records of medications you take or any treatment you receive for physical health reasons.
  • To file a complaint or grievance at any time. See waiting room display for instructions or ask receptionist or therapist.

Client responsibilities include: 

  • Client will attend scheduled appointments. If a client misses 3 or more appointments in a row or within a 6-month period without calling 24 hours in advance to cancel, services may be terminated.
  • Clients will be expected to maintain respectful, non-intimidating behavior towards Family Service staff and others on Family Service property. Violation may result in services being terminated.
  • When attending group therapy what’s said in group by others stays in group. Violation may result in services being terminated.
  • Family Service therapists may request a psychiatric medication evaluation. Failure to get a medication evaluation and to follow recommendations may result in termination of services if it is felt that psychotherapy would not be appropriate and beneficial without psychiatric medication.
  • Client will not attend appointments if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Violation may result in termination of services.