Hello, my name is Emi Coffin.  I am a Case Manager/Mental Health Support Worker in Family Service Madison’s Steps to Success Day Treatment Program (STS), where I provide case management, individual counseling, and facilitation of group therapy for the youth we serve. 

I am a Madison-area native and was educated in UW-Madison’s School of Social Work.  My educational background complemented my values of social justice, systems change work, and honoring diversity.  My training and professional experiences have afforded me opportunities to serve both youth and adults in a variety of different populations and settings and have helped me form a holistic approach to human service work.  

I have worked with youth since I was a teenager, starting in childcare.  During my three-year stint of living in Colorado post-college graduation, I worked in Child Protective Services in a rural mountain community, and then I worked as a Therapist in a children’s residential treatment facility in Denver.  I am happy to have returned to my roots and to now be serving our community as a youth professional. 

I have come to fully believe that it does “take a village” to shape healthy human beings and support their endeavors to pursue a fulfilling and meaningful life.  I am inspired by the resiliency and malleability of adolescents, and I am grateful to be in a position that allows me to help facilitate processes of healing and strengthen support systems for the youth we serve at STS.  I am motivated by the far-reaching potential that the services we provide at STS have on the lives of our clients, and feel honored to be a witness to their growth and development. 



If you'd like more information about our Steps to Success program or would like to make a referral, please email info@fsmad.org.