Services for children


Counseling  Individuals or families — we can help.

Bridges for Families: Birth to Three  Help for infants and toddlers experiencing delayed development.

Imagine a Child’s Capacity  The number of children with special needs is skyrocketing. Systems are being overwhelmed. Budgets are over-extended. Individuals are falling through the cracks. Families are struggling with the unique challenges and opportunities of having an individual with disabilities. ICC  imagines the capacity of a child with diverse support needs when parents, teachers, peers and the community have a wide array of tools to support that child reaching his or her fullest potential.

FACE — Kids  A cooperative effort to provide psycho-educational group services for school-aged children.

Steps to Success  A day treatment is a program that provides comprehensive mental health to middle school youth, male and female, ages 11-14 who are struggling in at home, in school or in the community due to mental health and behavioral challenges.