Direct your donation

If you would like to donate for a specific community service FSM provides or for a specific need FSM has, you can do so using the links below.  You can also donate by mailing a check with a note about where you’d like your donation used.  Send to:  Family Service Madison, 128 E. Olin Ave., Madison, WI 53713.  Thank you! 

I’d like to help kids where FSM thinks the need is greatest. Give here:

I’d like to help victims of domestic violence.  Give here:

I’d like to help the kids in the STEPS program.  Give here:

I’d like to cut off the root of domestic violence by donating to FSM’s batterer’s treatment. Give here:

I’d like to help build FSM’s new infant trauma program.  Give here:

I’d like to help sustain all the work FSM does by donating to the building of its fund and business development infrastructure (public relations, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, new service development, etc.) Give here:

I’d like to help with FSM physical infrastructure (AED, health records software, offices, computers, phones, etc.).  Give here: