August 12, 2020

Meet Jamal!

Jamal Adams, Licensed Professional Counselor-IT

Hi all!

My name is Jamal Adams. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI and recently received my Masters degree from the University Wisconsin-Madison in 2019. I work with adolescents, children, families, and adults, and my work consistently involves working with adolescents in middle and high school from various backgrounds with different mental health concerns.

I work from a relational and attachment-based approach with the power of change stemming from the therapeutic relationship and the personal strengths of the individual. I believe that it is important to meet others where they are at and take the time together to gain understanding and explore solutions that will work best to help foster personal growth and change. In addition, I also am aware of the possible impact systemic infrastructures may have on one’s mental health and will acknowledge this in our journey together.


If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Jamal, please call 608-316-1180 or email at

Therapist Jamal A.