August 14, 2020

Meet Natalie!

Natalie Thwing, Licensed Professional Counselor

I have been working with families, children, and individuals for almost 20 years. During that time, I have learned much about patterns of interactions as well as how unique and yet similar our struggles are. The most meaningful lesson I have learned, however, is that you are the expert on your challenges and struggles, whether that be with family members, significant others, or internally. I believe that it is my role to help guide families as well as individuals through the use of emotional support, challenging behaviors, and/or belief systems that may be preventing the family or individual from attaining their goals.

I am a strengths-based therapist and believe that everyone is doing the best we can. That being said, sometimes our best efforts can become mal-adaptive and get in our ways of being successful. Along these lines, I believe that we are all inherently good and well intentioned and that our mal-adaptive behaviors and/or belief systems were developed as a way to manage challenges we have faced and at some point those behaviors began to cause more harm than good.

I enjoy working with individuals, families, and teens. I have experience helping people manage depression, anxiety, ADHD, parent-child conflict, sibling conflict, difficult life transitions, and many other challenges. I also have experience working with trauma; however, at this time, I am not a Certified Trauma Therapist. I am an eclectic therapist and pull strategies from different theories (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered, Systemic Family Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, to name a few). I strongly believe that my job is to work collaboratively with you to find the strategies that compliment who you are and your journey in life. The process of therapy can be overwhelming and understandably daunting. That is why I believe that therapy is most beneficial when you have the client have the final say in all things related to treatment.


Pronouns:  she, her, hers

Therapist Natalie T.

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