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The PICADA (Prevention and Intervention Center Alcohol and Drug Abuse) program provides a full continuum of individual and environmental alcohol and drug prevention services for individuals, families, schools, and communities. The goal at PICADA is to address underage drinking and illegal drug use in the context of prevention. To reach this goal, we offer programs within the school districts as well as community programs, and we strive to make a difference in the prevention field by being a part of the solution, educating, and bringing awareness to these important topics.

The following is a list of programs we are currently offering to the school districts and the communities of Dane County:

  • Alcohol: True Stores Hosted by Matt Damon – Designed to prevent or reduce alcohol use among young people in grades 5-12 by positively changing the attitudes of youth and their parents and other caregivers in regard to youth drinking.
  • Drug and Alcohol Basics – Provides drug and alcohol education to schools and communities.
  • Choices – Is a program for women who are not pregnant (but could become pregnant) and who are drinking alcohol at risky levels.
  • Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol – Evidenced-based environmental prevention strategy. This program is designed to organize community efforts to change the environment regarding alcohol consumption and sales.
  • Drug True Stories – Designed to prevent or reduce drug use among young people in grades 5-12 by positively changing the attitudes of youth and their peers and other caregivers in regard to youth drug use.
  • Life Skills – Is an evidenced-based program that has proven to reduce alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and drug abuse. This is a program that also builds confidence and skills necessary to successfully handle challenging situations.
  • Media Detective – Is an evidenced-based media literacy program for 3rd – 5th grade students, designed to delay or prevent the onset of substance use, particularly with respect to underage alcohol and tobacco use.
  • Screening Brief Intervention – SBI provides a method of identifying students who are at nor risk, or at a medium or high risk for substance abuse.

For inquiries or referrals, please contact Cathy Kalina at or at (608) 577-9773.

For the past 10 years PICADA has been working with local communities to address underage drinking and illegal drug use. We do this through prevention by bringing awareness and education, such as Heroin/Prescription Drug Abuse, NARCAN Trainings, and Vaping/JUUL/E-cigarettes, in order to create a healthy living environment for the entire community. We are currently working with 7 communities in the Dane County area on varying forums and activities. Each community coalition has a website with local information as well as information on alcohol and illegal drugs, local and county wide resources, Podcasts and so much more. If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved please contact Cathy at or (608) 577-9773.