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Who We Are

Bridges for Families Birth to 3 Program is an early intervention program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families living within the Madison Metropolitan School District. As an early intervention program, our goal at Bridges for Families Birth to 3 is to support parents and caregivers in the Madison area in alignment with the state of Wisconsin's Birth to Three Mission.

The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Mission Statement

"The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program is committed to serving children under the age of 3 with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. We value the family’s primary relationship with their child and work in partnership with the family. We work to enhance the child’s development and support the family’s knowledge, skills and abilities as they interact with and raise their child."


If you are worried about a child’s development, make a referral by contacting Bridges for Families Birth to 3 by phone at (608) 316-1124 or by email at  You can also click here to fill out our referral form.

For more information on Wisconsin’s Birth to 3 program, click here.

For more information on Dane County's Birth to 3 program, click here.


Family Testimonials

“My child’s team was very knowledgeable and kind. Always made me as the parent feel very involved in setting goals and planning next steps. I was so impressed with the team and the services offered. Thank you!” -Anonymous

“We have been so happy with our Birth to 3 experience – from the convenience of having providers come to us, to the warm presence of our service providers, to the peace of mind I had knowing that there were professional, specialized eyes on my little one. We are so sad to go! Many thanks for the wonderful work that you do.” -Nicole

“I am so grateful for this program and the staff that helped with my 2 year old son’s sensory issues around food and some with bathing/washing hair. I am fortunate that this program incorporated visits in our home where it was most convenient and familiar to him. I would also like to extend a thank you for all the resources we were given for different groups or places within the Madison area that we could take him.” -Anonymous

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