July 1, 2015

Birth to Three Services

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Who We Are

Bridges for Families Birth to 3 Program is an early intervention program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families living within the Madison Metropolitan School District. As an early intervention program, our goal at Bridges for Families Birth to 3 is to support parents and caregivers in the Madison area in alignment with the state of Wisconsin's Birth to Three Mission.

The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Mission Statement

"The Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program is committed to serving children under the age of 3 with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. We value the family’s primary relationship with their child and work in partnership with the family. We work to enhance the child’s development and support the family’s knowledge, skills and abilities as they interact with and raise their child."


If you are worried about a child’s development, make a referral by contacting us at Bridges for Families Birth to 3 at (608) 316-1124 or lizk@fsmad.org.

Or, click on the following link and fill out the form.


For more information on Wisconsin’s Birth to 3 program, follow the link.


For more information on Dane County, follow the link below.


What Services Look Like

The program works with parents and caregivers in everyday routines and activities following the individualized Family Service Plan that is created with families to provide services and support to families. These services are arranged by a Service Coordinator who meets with the families and are provided in the child’s natural learning environment.

These services include:

    • Occupational, physical, and speech and language therapies
    • Parental education
    • Service coordination
    • Vision and nutrition specialists

Natural Environment

The child’s natural learning environment includes locations where the child spends their time such as in the home, a child care center, parks, or other locations in the community.

Primary Coaching

Families also receive services following the primary coaching approach. This approach entails a primary service provider, or the primary coach, who supports families in turning daily activities into learning opportunities for their children. Primary coaches coach, model, and share information to help support families in the Birth to 3 Program.

Evidence-Based Practice

Based on federal law, Birth to Three and other early intervention programs need to base their practices on the best available research, or evidence-based practice. The coaching method and the natural learning environment are evidence-based practices.

Parent and Caregiver Role

Parents and other caregivers are important to the child’s development, and they are an integral part of the Birth to Three team. As a team, parents’ and caregivers’ input is utilized to create goals and a service plan to meet the needs and priorities of the family. Caregivers work with the service providers to integrate practices and strategies into the child’s daily routines. Families find it helpful and feel fulfilled when their concerns for their child are addressed by the team.

Family Testimonials

“My child’s team was very knowledgeable and kind. Always made me as the parent feel very involved in setting goals and planning next steps. I was so impressed with the team and the services offered. Thank you!” -Anonymous

“We have been so happy with our Birth to 3 experience – from the convenience of having providers come to us, to the warm presence of our service providers, to the peace of mind I had knowing that there were professional, specialized eyes on my little one. We are so sad to go! Many thanks for the wonderful work that you do.” -Nicole

“I am so grateful for this program and the staff that helped with my 2 year old son’s sensory issues around food and some with bathing/washing hair. I am fortunate that this program incorporated visits in our home where it was most convenient and familiar to him. I would also like to extend a thank you for all the resources we were given for different groups or places within the Madison area that we could take him.” -Anonymous


Meet Our Birth to Three Team!

Tara Becker, M.S., OTR - Occupational Therapist

I've worked as an OT for 11 years. I have experience treating various conditions, specialized training in sensory processing and feeding difficulties, and am a certified infant massage instructor. l love getting to know families at a deeper level and joining them where they are at to help progress their child's development.

Lauren Burke, MS/CCC-SLP - Speech-Language Pathologist

I’ve worked with Bridges for Families for 6 years and continue to passionately enjoy my work supporting children and families. I was a former early childhood special education teacher and I bring this background into my visits. I enjoy supporting children with hearing loss in their journey with early communication and amplification.

Jessica Fisher, MA, CCC-SLP - Speech-Language Pathologist

For 15 years, I've worked with children ages birth to elementary school age in a variety of settings including pediatric clinics, public schools, reading/literacy centers and early intervention. In recent years, I've focused on gaining experience in Alternative and Augmentative Communication, sensory feeding, and working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Kelsey Glavee, MS, CCC-SLP, IMH-E® - Speech Language Pathologist; Assistive Technology Specialist

I joined the Bridges team in 2017. I have a passion for working with young children who have developmental delays/disabilities and their families. I specialize in assistive technology and enjoy helping children to find their voice in any way possible. I am also a certified Infant Massage Instructor and am endorsed by the Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health as an Infant/Family Specialist. 

Laura Hansen, PT, MS - Director of Bridges for Families Birth to 3 Program

For over 20 years, I've worked to promote the well-being of families and children ages zero to three years in early intervention in various states. I've worked as a coach for numerous early intervention and Early Head Start teams. I've presented on several Early Intervention topics, including coaching and natural learning environment practices.

Liz Kanable, BS-ED - Service Coordinator; Referral Coordinator; Team Coordinator

I have been a part of the Bridges team since 2015. I have experience in the field of early care and education and have 7 years of experience as a teacher in infant, toddler and Pre-K classrooms. Additionally, I meet with local hospitals and NICU teams for ongoing referral and transition coordination.

Marissa Nelson, BSW - Service Coordinator

I have worked at Penfield Children's Center Birth to 3 in Milwaukee, WI. Currently, I am a Service Coordinator at Bridges for Families and I absolutely love what I do. I enjoy working with the children and their families and watching them grow throughout their journey in the Birth to 3 program.

Lynn Phillips, LCSW, CIMI - Service Coordinator; Clinical Social Worker

I have over 20 years of experience in Early Intervention. I also have specialized training in Infant Mental Health, including work with infants and toddlers who have experienced trauma and in infant massage instruction.

Kathy Pielage, OT - Occupational Therapist

I have worked in Birth to Three since 1986. My favorite part of working with families is when they notice changes and realize they were critical in making them happen. I am interested in helping parents understand their child's sensory system and helping navigate daily routines.

Kayla Rolerat, MEd, CCC-SLP - Speech Language Pathologist

I have 3 years of experience working in the Birth to 3 Program. I have worked with families with a variety of concerns. I support children with feeding needs including food aversions, sensory needs related to feeding, g-tube feedings and weaning off the g-tube.

Tracy Warner, BS/EC:EEN - Service Coordinator

I’ve worked with Bridges for Families Birth to 3 Program since 1993. I originally worked with families in the capacity of Special Educator. I now work with families as a Service Coordinator and serve on Evaluation teams in homes and child care settings. My passion is supporting parents when children have challenging behaviors.

Matt Wayland, B.S. - Service Coordinator

For 10 years, I’ve served as a Service Coordinator at Bridges for Families Birth to 3. I enjoy meeting new families and helping them receive the support(s) they need in order for their child to thrive. I've worked with children and families from diverse cultures in multiple settings including classrooms and the community.

Gao Yang, MS, OTR/L - Occupational Therapist

I have been with the Birth to 3 Program since 2014. I enjoy working in natural settings to help find creative ways to make life more functional and rewarding for children and families. I delight in partnering with caregivers to best support their child.

Wendy Yang, BS - Service Coordinator

With my different work experiences, I’ve developed skills in working with diverse ages and populations of children who are on the Autism Spectrum. I’ve also supported, nurtured, and enhanced the global development of children from birth to the age of three. These experiences contribute to my passion and goal of empowering families.


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