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Steps To Success Day Treatment (STS) is a program that provides comprehensive mental health service to middle school youth, male and female, ages 10-14 who are struggling in their home, school and/or community environments due to mental health and behavioral challenges. These children are unable to sustain full school programming and require an intensive mental health intervention to get back on track. Youth may present with both mental health and juvenile justice issues. To fill out our Steps to Success Referral Form, please click here, or you can email referrals with any questions to

Program Vision:  A culturally sensitive family systems approach to intensive mental health day treatment, utilizing children's and families' strengths to create sustainable change for resilient children.

Program Goals:

  • To stabilize mental health needs through a structured treatment environment
  • To increase the child’s level of success in home, school, and community environments
  • To support parents/caregivers to more successfully manage their child’s challenging behavior
  • To coordinate with school personnel through regular contacts/visits to successfully integrate the child into full day school programming
  • To build on the child’s strengths while improving social and competency skills
  • To decrease community/delinquency violations
  • To assist the child/family in meeting their identified needs and goals


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