July 1, 2015

In-Home Services

Our In-Home programs use a strength-based, family-focused approach that provides the foundation for all supportive interventions utilized by our in-home program. Our application of strength-based service involves assessing family needs rather than deficits, building upon family strengths, respecting the family’s culture, beliefs and values, approaching families as collaborative partners in the change process, engaging the family’s social and natural support systems, recognizing family resilience, and providing flexible service to meet family, not program needs. 

The program serves families with children ages zero to seventeen. Common presenting issues include emotional and behavioral difficulties, unlawful activity, school problems, significant life stress, communications breakdowns, ineffective parenting, and family conflict.

To make a referral, call Jamal at 608-316-1180 or email at jamala@fsmad.org.

Diverse Family with Kids

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“Natalie was very competent with a very effective approach and rapport. Very satisfied with her intervention.”
-Anonymous, In-Home Client