African American Counselor with Older woman

The CAPS (Counseling and Psychotherapy Service) unit was developed to help clients create change by providing mental health assessment and treatment services in a culturally sensitive manner. Clinicians create individualized plans for treatment based on information and experiences presented by the client. Services are usually brief and are provided on an outpatient basis. Services are provided to individuals, children, couples and families who are experiencing a wide range of problems. Common areas of treatment include: trauma, depression, anxiety or panic, stress, issues related to physical, sexual or emotional abuse, relationship or family problems, grief and loss, issues related to transition, exposure to domestic violence.

FSM is now accepting new clients for our outpatient program; services can be in either In-Person visits or Telehealth visits. If you're interested in exploring any of these options, call Regan at 608-316-1180 or email at

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“This therapy has literally life saving. Being able to say & hear what I needed was very fulfilling.”
-Anonymous, CAPS Client