Family Service Madison is now offering Telehealth services for our programs!


If you're interested in exploring this option for Outpatient Therapy services, call Regan at 608-316-1180 or email at

If you're interested in making a referral to our Birth to 3 program, call Liz at 608-316-1124 or email at

If you're interested in Telehealth for any other programs, please call our Front Desk at 608-252-1320 or email at

If you have a co-pay and are being seen via Telehealth, you will be sent a PayPal Invoice via email.  For convenience, you can make your payment directly from the invoice, or you can pay your copay online at the time of your appointment by clicking here.

Additionally, your provider will send you an invitation via email prior to your appointment via Zoom Medical or HIPAA compliant Microsoft Teams.

If you're new to virtual visiting, give it a try, and we will help you through the process!


You can see our other services by clicking here.

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“It was unfortunate that COVID happened. I really missed the in person group experience.  I thought it was a great class. I wasn’t certain as to what to expect. But fortunately it was a very positive experience."
-Anonymous Client